Week 13: 8bit.

Location: 8bit. (Footscray)

Burger: 8bit With Cheese

This was so good, their burgers come in these little box-plate-things and so they don’t drip all over you but they’re really juicy and taste so great and I can’t think of anything clever to say because I just loved this burger.

That said, Royal Stacks still reigns supreme. Sorry 8bit.


Week 12: The B.East

Burger: Classic

Location: The B.East (Brunswick)

This place is the coolest, and even if you’ve never been, you know this because the name is a clever play on it’s location in Brunswick East. Get it? Cool, right?

The chips here are really good, and like all good burger restaurants, they also sell beer and milkshakes.

This is sounding dangerously close to a serious review, so I’m gonna leave it there.

And at risk of sounding too positive – this was not as good as Royal Stacks (but seriously, good luck with that one…).


Week 11: New York Minute

Burger: New York

Location: New York Minute (Brunswick)

The guy behind the counter warned me this burger was too big for me.

Sure you’re hungry? He said, Two patties…

Pfft, I thought. You think BurGirl can’t eat two patties?

BurGirl can’t eat two patties. It was massive. But it was good. Also I had two milkshakes today, so it was a pretty great day. One was free and the other tasted like choc-ripple cake.



Week Ten: Hungry Jacks

Burger: Tender Crisp Classic

Location: Hungry Jacks (Melbourne Central)

I feel deep shame at this post… I really, honestly didn’t have the time to go anywhere else this week, which is great for my health I guess but who cares about that old thing. I had so little time, in fact, that I ate this burger on a tram on my way to meet friends after being stuck on a train for 2 hours, going to a place where I probably could have bought a much better burger but I was stressed and didn’t know time the kitchen closed and I was running late so I opted for train station burger convenience and really it was all a bit miserable and the shame is just mounting. I couldn’t even finish it, there was too much mayo and a huge chunk of lettuce that was so gross it literally pierced the top of my bun and it was just a really bad day and I hope you forgive me.

Seriously, who have I become? Can I even call myself BurGirl anymore?


Week Nine: Mr Burger

Burger: Mr Burger

Location: Mr Burger (Brunswick)

I got a Mr Burger burger from Mr Burger. It’s almost as though they want you to know they sell burgers. And are men, for some reason.

This burger was pretty good. The Mr Burger burger is the plainest of the lot, which is strange considering it shares it’s name with the company (in case I really haven’t made that clear). It was small too, but then again, perhaps they’re not designed to fill the stomach of someone who’s eaten nothing more than a block of chocolate and a glass of water all day.

Who knows, really?

‘Burger’ word count: 9


Week Eight: McDonalds

Burger: Chicken and Cheese Burger

Location: McDonalds (Brunswick)

Not only am I reviewing a restaurant that arguably shouldn’t be included on a blog dedicated to reviewing quality burgers, I am reviewing a burger which is literally just chicken, a slice of cheese and mayo. And I love it. So much.